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3 Mar 2014

Another successful Cub event has taken place in Croydon.  On one of two days put on by the district team in February and March, over 150 cubs successfully gained their Emergency Aid Stage 1 & 2 badges.  All those who attended took part in the various activities which allowed them to gain the badges.  A big thank you must go to all the leaders from around the district, not all of them cub leaders, who helped by running bases on Accidents in and around the home, minor injuries, major injuries, …

3 Feb 2014

61st Croydon Cubs win District Quiz 2014
The District round of the County Quiz was held on Friday 31st January at 1st Croydon HQ.  Ten packs were represented by their own winning six from the Pack rounds held between October and January.  After a really close fought completion 61st Croydon came out on top with 80 points with 1st Purley second with 77 and third were 18th Purley on 76 after a tie-breaker with 11th Purley who finished on 75.  The first 3 teams have been invited to represent the District …