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Young Leaders’ Scheme: missions

As part of the Young Leaders’ Scheme there are four missions to be completed alongside the ten modules.

These missions are designed to allow the Young Leaders to put the learning from the Modules into practice. By doing so, they will gain in confidence and become an integral part of the leadership team within their Section and Group.

Mission 1

Task – run a variety of games: indoor, outdoor or as part of a camp (minimum of three).

To be included

  • At least two different types of leadership styles (Module B, C)
  • Three different types of games, ie energetic, active, thinking, creative, etc (Module E)


  • Run a game at the beginning or end of a section night
  • Run a wide game on a camp
  • Run a game that ties into a badge the section is working towards
  • Run a game that reinforces something the section has just leared
  • Any other ideas, subject to agreement with ESL (YL) and SL

Mission 2

Task – plan and run an activity (not a game) as part of either the section programme or a camp programme.

To be included

  • planning and organisation
  • delivery
  • gathering any equipment or materials needed.


  • Choose an activity badge to run as part of the programme, providing all the information and materials required for the section to achieve this.
  • Run part of a camp programme:
    • pioneering activity
    • obstacle course
    • plan the route for a hike
    • team challenges
    • organising and leading a campfire
  • Create a way to record how your activities are working towards different badges.
  • Run an activity for the section relating to one of your own hobbies or interests.
  • Any other ideas, subject to agreement with the ESL (YL) and SL.

Mission 3

Task – to take the section’s programme ideas to a programme planning meeting.

To be included

  • Ask the young people in the section for ideas for the programme
  • Attendance and contribution at a meeting (eg programme planning, District or County meeting, leaders’ meeting)


  • Attend a section planning meeting
  • Plan and run a meeting (for example, section planning forum)
  • Decide who should attend a meeting and invite them
  • Organise and run a forum for the young people in your section, taking their ideas and suggestions and giving them to the Section Leader
  • Organising for someone to take notes/minutes/points of action
  • Plan and run the Sixers/PLs’ Forums for two terms, and ensure that the young people in the section understand how they can input their ideas into the section programme
  • Any other ideas, subject to agreement with the ESL (YL) and SL

Mission 4

Task – responsibility for organising and running part of the section programme.

To include both

  • Planning and organising
  • Delivery


  • Plan and run a linking activity/event with either the section above and below
    • Work with the leaders of the sections above and below yours (if appropriate) to arrange a linking event/night/activity.
    • Plan the event/night/activity, making sure it is appropriate for the age/venue
    • Include members of the section to assist in the evening.
  • Plan and run a challenge award
    • Choose a challenge award that either has not already been achieved or has been achieved by the fewest members
    • Plan the activities on the monthly/termly/yearly programme of the activities needed to achieve the award
  • Plan a camp for the section (under the supervision of a leader with a Nights Away Permit)
  • Help the young people in the section to explore a particular topic or develop some specific skills
  • Any other ideas, subject to agreement with the ESL (YL) and SL