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Our Locations

Croydon District Scouts meet in around 40 different Locations in the London Borough of Croydon. With good distribution throughout the area, so you local scout group could be closer to you than you think.


Please find a Group on our map (here) where you are able to find the meeting place and times along with the contact details.


If you or your child are over 14 then they need to attend an Explorer Unit, in Croydon we have 10 Explorer Units also distributed throughout the area so you do not need to travel far to undertake activities with a Unit. The other option if you are over 14 is to be a Young Leader helping the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts at one on the 39 Scout Groups. Additionally as a Young Leader you are able to join Explorers on their activities. You can find a Unit with their meeting times and contact detail on our map here.


Also we have two campsites in Croydon, Bears Wood and Pinewood.