Currently face to face meetings are allowed to happen as long as the groups are following the COVID guidelines.


Please remember that in consultation with the Group Scout Leaders the District have created a protocol for the return to face to face Scouting. Our Leaders are under no compulsion or competition to restart face to face Scouting and this would only be to compliment our current virtual Scouting being offered.
Any return to face to face Scouting MUST be fully discussed with your Sectional Leadership teams and in all cases a Covid-19 risk assessment MUST be completed for approval. This needs to be approved by the group scout leader and then the Group Executive before being submitting it to the District.
This can be done via email to



Covid 19 Contact List

Covid 19 Adult Checklist

F2F Final Document dated 25th July 2020

Return to F2F Scouting – Support Chart Final

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