NAN Form


POR Rule 9.57 (L(i)) states that the home Commissioner MUST BE notified before any camping or residential event takes place. Seven days notice should be given. (When using facilities not owned or operated for Scouting this period increases to 14 days)

POR rules 3.7(L), 3.8(L), 3.9(L) and 4.7(O) also states that ALL YOUNG PEOPLE should be given the opportunity to attend at least one nights away experience every year. Again it is very clear that not all Sections in each Group are meeting this POR minimum requirement.

If you have any problems with this process please speak to your Sectional ADC in the normal way, NAN should be emailed to:

The NAN form is available from the HQ website on the link below.

Form NAN

Nights Away Passport

Nights Away Permit Scheme

Nights Away Resources

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